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This year has been a big year for us. Zoe finished her elementary years at Odyssey Montessori. Anne finished her Ph.D. at Brown. Soren finished first grade and is moving on to second grade. Ken is turning 50 in July! So many events. To keep up on these and other exciting happenings at the McClard/Anderson household, be sure to visit links on the right side of this page. You may also wish to visit Ken's and my Flickr sites periodically. We are constantly adding new pictures here, and you can also make comments on them.

What I'm doing these days

During the coming year, Zoe and I will likely be home schooling, but it is still possible that we will find the perfect school for her. We have some big plans though, like writing a novel together that is for girls her age. We will also try to do some community service projects, like fund raising and volunteering at Foreward Stride, where I am on the Board of Directors. Additionally, I will keep my consulting doors open for projects that will keep me at home; this has worked fairly well for me and the family. Ken has lots of exciting travel planned as usual.


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